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 1967  born in Japan
 1991  graduated from Kyushu University

 2000  establishment of Kawazoe Architects


country qualification of Japan  1st class architect No.282215


・2001 International Furniture Design Competition IN Okawa  prize

・Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (Commercial Area) Station Competition Competition  prize

・Osaka Architects Association  7th Architects Grand Prize (Oasis care center)
・The 18th Hyogo Prefectural Governor Prize (TREE×TREE)
・The International Design Awards (IDA 13th /USA) Gold (GLENBARRA ART MUSEUM​)

・2020 Architecture MasterPrize Honorable Mention (GLENBARRA ART MUSEUM​)
・DNA Paris Design Awards 2021 Honorable Mention (RIVER SEA

・2021 Architecture MasterPrize Honorable Mention(RIVER SEA


 Juni-chiro Kawazoe
 Kazue Kawazoe
career 2000   Kawazoe Architects
collaborate staff
 Takuya Uemura
 2011   Kawazoe Architects

corporate identity

Timeless design

  Its value does not deteriorate over time

Minimal design
   Richer architectural expression with fewer elements
Relationship between inner and outer space

  We are examining the architecture and exterior, indoor and garden styles according to the surrounding environment and the client's lifestyle

design process:

We design clients' free demands concretely.
We are building ideas while exchanging opinions with clients.
When designing, we are studying using models and 3dcg to form an image.

About the residence:

The house represents the dweller's lifestyle and personality.
At the same time, it is also a point of contact with the city and can be a social property.
A cozy space, an appearance that enjoys the passage of time, we create such architecture.


※In the case of residence,site is located in Japan

Step 1
Step 2


Example of contents to ask ※ In the case of residence
:building image
:family structure
:required rooms and size of each room
:life habits
:furniture placed in the planned building

Step 3


It can be broadly divided into matters related to laws and regulations, the shape of the site, the conditions of roads, electricity, water, etc., and the characteristics of the place.
The characteristics of a place are to read the historical environment around the site, the appearance of the building when it was built, the scenery that can be seen from the site, and the way light and wind pass.

Step 4


We will consider the plan by reflecting the request and the characteristics of the site on the floor plan and elevation. Proposals are explained using drawings and models.

Step 5


Confirm each other's role to protect

The main contract contents are as follows.
①Business content and scope: From basic design to supervision
②Business implementation period: design period and supervision period
③Remuneration for business

Step 6 

basic design

Draw an image of the building into a specific shape.

Use drawings, models, and perspectives to represent the concrete shape of the building based on the nature of the request, various conditions, and discussion. Provide suggestions, review requests, exchange opinions and confirm. At this stage, the design cost estimates determine the balance of floor plans, exterior drawings, spatial configurations, structures, finishing materials, equipment specifications, design and construction schedules, and so on. Balance your budget.

□ Basic design drawing
:Layout, plan, section, elevation

Step 7

detail design

We express the building in detail so that it can be conveyed to the constructor.

Step 8

onstruction contract

We ask the construction company for a quote. After submission, the contents will be assessed and reported
After that, the client makes a construction contract with the construction company in the presence of the designer.

There are several stages to a construction contract.
① Selection of construction company candidates
② Request for construction quote
③Contractor's decision
④Construction contract

Step 9


We supervise on behalf of the owner that the building is being constructed to accurately reflect the design intent.
The main contents are as follows.
: Explanation of design drawing
:Inspection / confirmation of construction site
:Examination of construction cost payment
:Confirmation of construction completion

Step 10


Check the completed building.

When the building is completed, we will inspect it to make sure the building is built properly. At this time, if there is an inappropriate part, we will instruct the construction company to correct it.

​about the fee

※ In the case of residence,site is located in Japan

Initial proposal

The following fees are required when requesting an initial proposal.
¥ 50,000- (including consumption tax)

detail of design fee

The fee is calculated as a percentage of building construction costs.

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