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KARUBE・TREE×TREE・・・office and cafe

It looks like a branch of a tree with a pillar and a cane that extends from it.


A flat roof is supported by pillars and canes.


The eave is 1.7m, and the load of snow is transmitted to the cane.


The appearance from the side of the road · · · · The appearance of the roof like a single sheet, the impression does not change significantly when viewed from the opposite road side.


There is a cafe space at the facility for consultation.


Cafe space-The design of the table is a reduction of the columns and canes of the building.


Cafe space


Counter ・ ・ ・ This is a design combining the same wall materials cypress with the main wall finish.


Office · · · No partitions or columns below the table to accommodate the increase in staff.


2nd floor ・ ・ ・ The light is taken from the slit of the wall and ceiling.


Facade night view


Facade night view




The site is in the corner of a shopping mall in the suburbs.
KARUBE TREE x TREE has started design study as a facility open to the community.
The finished building does not change the impression when viewed from the road side and the parking lot side.
Visitors who came by car are in a form that makes it easy to recognize the building when viewed from the parking lot.
One of the features of the exterior is a single-plate-like roof that overhangs all around.
Eave is about 1.7m from the wall.
Considering the local snowfall, canes extending from the pillars support this eave.
The canes have several angles from 30 degrees to 60 degrees.
It is not mechanical, it is a botanical way like tree branches.
I designed it so that I could feel the forest of trees.
I think that it would be such a space where people gather under trees.
The main timber used is from this area.
I hope this building is rooted and loved in this area.


・ Location: Upper case in Yofu City, Hyogo Prefecture (in Y Town)

・ Use: office + cafe
・ Design and supervision period: May 2014-February 2015
・ Scale, structure:total area: 102.68 m2,wooden

・ The 18th Hyogo Prefectural Governor Prize


photo:Stirling Elmendorf

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