Oasis care center

The outline is the shape of a simple gable.

The position and shape of the window are designed considering the surrounding buildings and how they look from the interior.

The material of the outer wall is the same steel plate as the roof.

Entrance ... It is a bright space where the light from the balcony on the second floor spreads.

The space spreads in several directions and you feel a change.

One of several small spaces has a corner of a wood stove.

Users can choose the favorite place such as high space of the ceiling, low space and so on.

Second hall

The landscape beyond the window is set up where it does not match the neighbor, or where visibility spreads.

The boundary between the room and the balcony becomes ambiguous and you feel the spread of the indoor space.


night view

night view
night view

The premises is surrounded by houses and condominiums. It was difficult to make a garden in the premises from the requested area and we could not expect visibility to fall outside the premises. The main challenge is how users who spend most of the day in the limited space of the room can relax and find where they are.
In the plan, the core boxes were arranged dispersed in the one-room space. I decided to create a space with a change in the gap.

Distributed arrangement of cores


· Location: Kobe City
· Use: care center(for senior citizens)
· Design, supervision period: March 2011 - January 2012
· Scale, structure:
① Total area: 129.60 m²
② Wooden 2 stories

photo:Eiji Tomita

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