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planar house

The exterior is a simple one-sided roof.


It is a plan that you can go around around the courtyard.

LDK ・ ・ ・ The space is designed so that the lighting matches the Scandinavian furniture.

The space is connected around the courtyard.

The kitchen is a 3.0m island type.

Courtyard: The roof of the courtyard is cut out in a square, and only the sky can be seen from there.
The floor tiles match the height of the flooring in the room. Although it is outside and inside, we feel continuity and expanse with each other.

Bedroom: In a white-based house, the walls are made of deep gray, which is different from other rooms.

Washbasin and dressing room: The bathroom and washbasin are finished in the same way so that the space feels wider.

Living night view

Exterior night view

The site is in a quiet residential area. The outer shape is a gentle slope with a large one-sided roof. There is a courtyard surrounded by the center of the building, creating a light and wind vent inside.

・ Location: Sennan District, Osaka Prefecture
・ Use: Housing
・ Design and supervision period: August 2013-June 2014
・ Scale and structure:
① Total area: 147.70㎡
② Wooden one-story building

photo:Stirling Elmendor

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