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house in Kitano

The site is located on a hill along the Kakogawa River, with a view to the northwest. It is designed as a house that makes the most of the view.

Entrance: You feel the depth and the sequence.

Living and dining ... The view to Kakogawa spreads at once. The dining room has a step on the floor, and although it is one space with the living room, the space is divided according to the purpose.

Living and dining ... The floor is made of cedar. There is a wet-edged deck facing the sweep-out windows of the living room and dining room, and you can feel the continuity of the space to the outside.

Dining and living room: There is storage using the steps on the floor. The front wall is exposed to concrete, which separates the space from the Japanese-style room behind it.

Japanese-style room: The space can be divided between the living room and the sliding door. The field of view expands to the wet edge and Kakogawa.

There is a view from the wet edge to Kakogawa.

Kitchen: The kitchen and back storage are original designs and productions. 

Corridor: The space created between the private room and the closed space around the water is used as the corridor or study space. I dare to shift the closed space to change the space.

Study space: A space used by the family. A long table and bookshelf are placed on the wall.

Washbasin and dressing room: The washbasin is a mortar coated with urethane and ready-made pottery placed on the top plate. The floor and walls of the bathroom in the back are finished with FRP white.


Night view of living and dining

Exterior night view

The site is on a hill along the Kakogawa River, and the view spreads to the northwest.
The builder wanted a one-story, laid-back horizon house that would take advantage of its characteristics.
The exterior is a hipped roof with a gentle slope. From the height of the line of sight, it looks like a flat, thin roof.
Under the roof, the private room and the closed space around the water, and the space created between them are set as the entrance, study space, living dining, and Japanese-style room, and are set as open spaces.
Each open space has a window that opens wide to the outside.
A closed space and an open space are arranged to give a sharp impression to the room.

・ Location: Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture
・ Use: Housing
・ Design and supervision period: November 2015-March 2017
・ Scale and structure:
① Total area: 98.75㎡
② Wooden one-story building

photo:Eiji Tomita

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