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Each room is arranged with respect to the garden, and it is the appearance of a gable roof with a deep eaves.
The height of the eaves is set low in consideration of the surrounding houses.
There is a promenade in the garden. The general public can pass across the site. It is open to the community and is intended to create contact points with facility users.

The approach to the entrance passes under a low-lying eaves. There are cedar grids on the walls and ceiling. The approach is intended to create a calm atmosphere on a human scale.

The living room of the the second floor is in the shape of a ceiling using the slope of the roof. Light falls from the topside light above it through the louver at the top. Natural light spreads even in the deep part of the room.

The group home on the 2nd floor consists of 2 units. There is a high ceiling hall in the corridor between the units. Again, the natural light from the topside lights brings light to the room.

There is a balcony on the garden side of the 2nd floor, overlooking the garden and overlooking the mountains. It is also a side to face the neighborhood through the garden, and a louver is set up in consideration of mutual privacy.

Based on the light of indirect lighting, the space has a calm atmosphere even at night.

Night view from the deck ... The space continues from the wide deck to the living room.

Approach night view

Exterior night view ... There is a one-story building in the foreground, and the building is scaled down.


A complex facility for the elderly with a unit-type short stay (20 beds) and a group home (18 beds) with a community exchange space.

A cohesive open space on the east side of the site, a parking lot for 20 cars on the south side, a stall warehouse and a community open parking lot for 10 cars on the north side, and two parking lots on the west side. A two-story volume with a central corridor-type flat surface was set up in a room of about 70m x 15m in the center of the site, which was derived from the request from the corporation and the surrounding environment. Placed a group home.

On the plaza side, we adjusted the sense of distance according to each part with wooden decks, louvers, trees, etc. in order to create a sense of unity between the plaza and the room while giving consideration to the neighboring houses across the plaza. In the garden, various areas such as "Thicket Forest", "Fruit Tree Garden", "Flower Garden", and "Tsukiyama" are arranged.

The intention was to create a facility where you can enjoy the garden by connecting to it.


・ Location: Yabu City, Hyogo Prefecture
・ Use: Group home and short stay
・ Design, supervision period: August 2016-March 2018
・ Scale, structure:
① Total area: 1428.11㎡
② Two-story wooden structure 

photo : Eiji Tomita

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