It is a shape where two rectangular parallelepipeds overlap.

There is a garden in front of a large sliding door.

The entrance is from the smaller cube.

The living faces the privacy protected courtyard.

There is a courtyard on the diagonal of the southeastern and northeastern corners. They protect privacy and capture light and wind.

The courtyard is connected to the living room, and the space in the room feels like a continuous spread.

There is a courtyard at the back of the kitchen. From there the wind escapes, ensuring daylighting.

The second floor is a plan that can be played around the core of the storage.

The upper part of the core takes a gap with the ceiling and is designed to feel the spread in the space.

The room has a large opening to connect to the courtyard as much as possible.
The windows on the outer wall of the courtyard are designed with light, wind and privacy in mind.

When the grid sliding door opens, it becomes a deck to the south garden.

When the grid sliding door closes, it protects privacy and security.

A calm time flows.

Facade night view


The building has a shape in which two large and small rectangular parallelepipeds overlap. Move from the entrance in the small cube to the living in the large CUBE.
We also considered securing privacy from the outside. There is no window that can overlook the interior directly from the roadside and adjacent land. The southeast corner and the northwest corner are courtyards, and the main opening is concentrated here. We plan to take in light and wind effectively.
The second floor is a flow line that can go around the bedroom and children's room centering on the storage core. By connecting the space, I designed to feel wide and relaxed.



・ Location: Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture
・ Use: house
・ Design, supervision period: May 2013-May 2014
・ Scale, structure:total area: 84.00 m2,wooden 2 floors

photo:Eiji Tomita
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