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ba boxes

It is a building where three independent boxes gathered.


Courtyard looking up ... ... The courtyard is surrounded by three boxes.




The entrance is in the gap between the box and the box. The outer wall of the box continues to the inner wall as it is.


Corridor of the gap between the box and the box ... The width spreads towards the courtyard and the floor gently rises.


In the kitchen, the floor is going down to match the dining table with the height. Using the upper part, there is a mezzanine.


The window of the living room arranges so that light and wind pass through while considering privacy.






night view

night view


TIt was also a land form of a trapezoid, and the context from the surroundings was hard to read.
The client was requested to secure privacy from the outside, independence of the individual room, change of the internal space. We divide the necessary rooms into several volumes, we examined and arranged the sense of distance and the line of sight inside and outside. As a result, the building is largely composed of three volumes (boxes) and a flow line that can be formed in the gap between the box and the box. It is a box of LDK, a box of a child's room, a box of a bedroom, connected by a flow line (corridor) on the first floor respectively. It rises to the second floor by the stairway of each box, and creates independence of three boxes and change of space.
The corridor, which is a flow line, is also an interior space like the outside made up of the three box gaps. The material of the outside wall of the box is continuous regardless of inside and outside and emphasizes it.



· Location: Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture
· Use: housing
· Design, supervision period: May 2010 - February 2011
· Scale, structure:
① Total area: 114.80 m²
② Wooden 2 stories


photo:Junichi Tamamori

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