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house in Ashiya

The appearance is a simple gable roof shape. The large windows in the living room and balcony are on the far left and cannot be seen directly from the outside.
The outer wall has a texture with plastering iron spots.


There is a difference in ground level between the site and the front road, and a gentle slope approaches the entrance.


When you enter the entrance, you can see the courtyard in front of you.
The heights of the courtyard and the floor of the entrance are aligned, and the space is visually continuous. A symbol tree is planted in the center of the line of sight.


LDK is a space. There is a staircase hall in the center, which connects the space while gently dividing it. There is a study space in the back of your right hand.


The space is connected from the study space to the kitchen. Here, too, the space is divided and continued.


Dining can be accessed from the window to the courtyard.
There is a level difference between the neighboring house and the site, and the retaining wall that eliminates the difference is regarded as a wall and used as a courtyard.

​The kitchen is an original one.


The living room has a small window and a large window. The small window overlooks the approach garden. The large windows do not point directly outside the site, but indirectly capture light and wind. We protect the privacy of neighbors and create a calm space.


You can see the kitchen from the living room through the stairs hall. The stairs are skeletons to ensure a clear view.


A small courtyard facing the living room.


There is a staircase hall in the center of the house. With this hole as the core, we intend to divide or connect the spaces.

​ There is a small window facing the hall, and you can see the state of the space over there.


The ceiling of the stairs hall is a sloping ceiling that takes advantage of the roof shape.


bethroom on the 1st floor


Night view of the dining room seen from the courtyard


Exterior night view


The site is located in a relatively dense old residential area, surrounded by houses. In addition, the topography of the block has a slope, and the height of the ground surface is significantly different from that of the neighboring land.

The building is a simple shape of a gable.

We plan windows and gardens for mutual privacy with our neighbors. The level difference with the neighboring land in the east is about the height of the floor on the second floor. The retaining wall that eliminates the step is likened to a wall, and it is used as a courtyard when viewed from the dining room. In the living room, there are no windows directly on the road side or the adjacent land side, but a large window is provided through a small courtyard at the corner of the building.

In the room, we plan to go around the stairs. The flow line changes, and even in a compact house, you can feel the depth in the interior space. 

・ Location: Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
・ Use: Housing
・ Design, Supervision period: February 2017-June 2018
・ Scale, structure:
① Total area: 94.71㎡
② Wooden two-story

photo : Eiji Tomita

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