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house in Aoyama

青山の家 01.jpg

The site is located at the mountain bottom of a tree. You can see that view in the north. The building is a simple form of gable.
Only the entrance can be seen on the side of the road, and the whole is a minimalist impression.
I designed a garage of the parking lot in the shape of the gable.

青山の家 02.jpg

Outside the entrance door there is a broad porch surrounded by walls.
You can enter the room while avoiding rain when it rains.
The storage of the entrance is a height that you can sit on.

青山の家 03.jpg

Once in the entrance, we enter the stairwell hall where there is a runway. The staircase hall changes the finish to other spaces and the atmosphere is different. Floor, wall and ceiling finish materials are flexible boards.
As you go up the stairs there is a landing. There is a staircase that rises further from there, a staircase that goes down. The rising stairs goes to the living room, the stairs go down to the private room such as the bedroom. Sequence to different space of use is created by the height of the floor.

青山の家 04.jpg

There are several small windows in the staircase hall. The staircase hall is located at the center of the house, and each room is arranged around it. Small windows were established in that room. There are inside and outside in the house, you feel a change in the whole. Also, you can see the staircase hall from each small window, so you can see a glimpse of the family's movements.

青山の家 05.jpg

Living · · · It is the shape of the ceiling making full use of the gable's outer shape. The dining pendant light is hung from the movable frame.

青山の家 06.jpg

Living · · · There is a large L-shaped window which can enjoy the diagonal forest on the north side. The front window is a window of FIX and it is a picture window. The windows on the right hand can open a part for ventilation.
The dining pendant is not hung from the ceiling, but is hung from the steel bracket taken out from the wall. It is a thing considering not to show the cord which is high and the ceiling goes down long from there.

青山の家 07.jpg

It is an image in which the core of the staircase hole is arranged independently in the large space of LDK. The wall of the core is a flexible board and the finishing is changed.

青山の家 08.jpg

The kitchen is the thing of the order we designed. The top plate is stainless steel, the wall is mortar, and the rear storage is a combination of sinap plywood.

青山の家 09.jpg

The kitchen and the living room are L-shaped planes. It is a corner-like image in the space of one-room.
When you stand in the kitchen, there is a small window in the side in the front. It shows the state of the staircase hall and the state of the small window of the child's room. You can grasp the atmosphere in the house.

青山の家 10.jpg

Work room · · · Like the living room, you can do sewing work etc while watching the north slope. To make the image complete in this space, the ceiling is shaped like a gable. It is an atmosphere space that allows you to concentrate on your work.

青山の家 11.jpg

Dining and kitchen (night view) · · · No illumination is provided on the ceiling surface, and the light from the wall is diffused. Soft light spreads in the room.

青山の家 12.jpg

Stairwell · · · Light from each room leaks from small windows. You can feel the atmosphere of each space.

青山の家 13.jpg

Night view


The site has a small mountain on the north side and the south is down. We examined the sequence so that we can enjoy the view at the 2nd floor living room. The entrance and the staircase hall pass through a slightly tight space and reach the second floor where the view spreads.
The exterior is the shape of a simple second floor gable. Inside the stairwell of the stuff is in the center of the building, and arranged each room around it. The finish of the staircase hall changes material from others and emphasizes the difference in space. In addition, there are small windows from each room, creating interior and exterior relationships inside.



· Location: Himeji City, Kagawa Prefecture
· Use: housing
· Design, supervision period: July 2015 - August 2016
· Scale, structure:
① Total area: 125.01 m²
② Wooden 2 stories

photo:Eiji Tomita
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