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house in Yumesakicho


The appearance is the shape of a simple gable. The texture of the exterior wall is finished with a trowel of plaster.


The windows are consecutive horizontally on the 1st and 2nd floor.




The finish of the outside floor, wall and ceiling enters the room, making the space continuity feel. The floor is black brick.


It is a plan that can go around the hall with stairwells as the center.
There is a small window facing the staircase hall. There are more inside and outside in the house, creating a change in the space. The light from the top top light diffuses in the louver and is a bright space though it is the center of the house.


A view from the staircase looking at the living room ... There is a small window on the wall between the staircase hall and the living room to make the connection of the space feel.


The shape of the slope ceiling reflects the shape of the gable's roof.
Horizontally long windows overlooking the forest on the south of the left hand are continuous from the end of the living room to the end.




There is a slope of the woods on the south side. You can enjoy the view from the horizontally long window. To cut the landscape cleanly, the height of the window is exactly the height of the line of sight.


There is a study room facing the living room. You can connect with small windows to know the state of each space. The study room is raising the floor one level.


Small window in the study room · · · From the staircase hall, you can enter the study room which has risen by one step. There is also a window between the space and the space inside the house, creating a difference between inside and outside while being indoors.


Bedroom: You can see the wooded area from the window of the horizontal slit.


The site is located deep inside the main road. Within a small village, the front road is a quiet environment only with the traffic of several houses of cars. There was a small woodland on the south side, and a view from the room was expected.
The exterior is the shape of a simple second floor gable. The exterior wall was adopted the finish of the plaster.
The interior is a plan that can go around the staircase hall. At the top of the staircase hall there is a top light from the roof, and it is a bright space even though it is located at the center of the building. Inside the interior, we set the stair hall outside the room, the other room as the inside of the room, creating a space with change.



· Location: Himeji city
· Use: housing
· Design, supervision period: July 2012 - June 2013
· Scale, structure:
① Total area: 121.42 m²
② Wooden 2 stories

photo:Eiji Tomita

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