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Designed according to the simultaneous renewal of the underground shopping center of Himeji station. Japanese-style confectionary stores continued to eavesdrop, and differentiation was requested from others.
Close to the station, it was thought that the traffic was fast. I attracted people among them and examined the shops where customers want to stop their feet.
The color mainly uses white, black and gray. I am quoting the white of the plaster of Himeji Castle and the gray of the roof tile, the white and black of the coat of Ako Ronda, the white of the salted buns head.
By refraining the position of the showcase from the passage a little and continuing the wooden grid on the side wall until the end, we give the store a feeling of depth. Also, a small flower bed and gallery is set up on the side wall, making a mechanism to become eye catch.
I think that it could have brought Himeji and Akohashi feeling, depth, elegance to the store.



· Location: Himeji city
· Use: Store
· Design, supervision period: October 2012 - March 2013

photo:Eiji Tomita

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