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house in Yachiyo

八千代の家 010.jpg

facade night view

八千代の家 020.jpg

The enclosed walls protect privacy and the appearance of the windows not facing outwards can not know the interior.

八千代の家 030.jpg

All the rooms, along with the courtyard, are surrounded by walls.

八千代の家 040.jpg


八千代の家 050.jpg

free space with bookshelf

八千代の家 060.jpg

free space with bookshelf ... You can enjoy the scenery outside from the gap.

八千代の家 070.jpg

Free space with bookshelf ... When closing the doors of each room, the space of the box and the gap becomes visible.

八千代の家 080.jpg

Living room and garden ... There are inside and outside of each of the four enclosed spaces.
The kitchen and the tabletop of the dining table are one piece.

八千代の家 090.jpg

It is a bright space surrounded by walls and privacy is protected.

八千代の家 100.jpg

Bedroom ... From the bedroom you can also enjoy the garden only in the bedroom.

八千代の家 110.jpg

In each garden surrounded by walls, different kinds of trees are planted.

八千代の家 130.jpg

Washroom ... There is also a dedicated garden here. No one can see inside from the outside of the wall.

八千代の家 140.jpg

Courtyard of children's room ... We have small windows established only one place.

八千代の家 150.jpg

free space night view

八千代の家 160.jpg
facade night view


The building consists of four enclosed spaces, including inside and outside, and the space created in that gap.
The enclosed space has walls in four laps, so you can not see the inside from the outside. Inside the enclosed space there are indoor space and external space of the garden respectively. It is a space where indoor and outdoor are integrated.
The space created in the gap is connected to the outside, and it is set as the neutral space in the house.
Close parts and opening parts are arranged according to the use, and each space with characteristics is completed. I designed a house where people who live can feel changes and enjoy daily living.



· Location: Taka-gun Hyogo prefecture
· Use: housing
· Design, supervision period: January 2013 - December 2013
· Scale, structure:
① Total area: 108.59 m²
② Wooden flat store
· Osaka Architects Association  7th Architects Grand Prize


photo:Stirling Elmendorf

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