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Outer wall: There are no windows, and you can see the slits in the glass blocks.
The design takes advantage of the deformed shape of the site.
There are slits at each floor level.
The entrance is through a garden approach.
Entrance hall
Entrance hall
Entrance Hall: Pass by the office and enter the exhibition space.
The exhibition space continues around the atrium.
It is an exhibition space separated from the spiral exhibition space.
Mezzanine floor exhibition space
Mezzanine floor exhibition space
​Mezzanine floor exhibition space
​Exhibition space on the 2nd floor... You can see the atrium in the back.
Exhibition space on the 2nd floor... Roam around the atrium.
Semi-basement exhibition space
Semi-basement exhibition space
1st floor, mezzanine floor, semi-basement space configuration
Exterior wall corner detail
The site is located in the suburbs of Himeji City and is adjacent to the owner's residence.
From the beginning, the central concept of the museum was to create a museum where people could enjoy the collection of paintings in their daily lives.
This museum is not intended to be open to the public. The owner and his family, acquaintances of the owner, buyers, etc.
It is a museum prepared for only a small number of people.
 The building is planned to take advantage of the characteristics of the L-shaped deformed land facing the intersection.
The exterior has no visible windows due to its use and several horizontal slits. Glass blocks are installed on the floor of the room,
Reflected light from the floor is brought into the room.
Since the lighting for the exhibition is illuminated from above, the purpose is to equalize the distribution of illuminance during the day.
 The only paintings on display are modern Indian art.
The interior is a spiral exhibition space. Exhibits are exhibited while moving through the space in a spiral, from the 1st floor to the mezzanine floor to the 2nd floor.
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・ Location: Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture
・Application: Residential
・Design and supervision period: December 2016 to May 2019
・Scale and structure:
①Total area: 795.82㎡
②Steel-framed two-story building

・Person in charge: Junichiro Kawazoe Architects Takuya Uemura
・Structural design: Root Structural Design Office
・Equipment design: Yamazaki Equipment Design Co., Ltd.
・Lighting design: Yamagiwa Co., Ltd.
・Construction: Kitamura Construction Co., Ltd.
photo:Stirling Elmendor
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