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court house in Kato

A gable roof is hung on a U-shaped flat surface.


There is a courtyard inside the U-shaped plane.
Each room faces the courtyard and brings light and wind while preserving privacy.


When you open the board door on the left wall, there is a glass sash window outside. You can adjust the visibility and light without using a curtain.


Living / Dining ・ ・ ・ It is a place where a continuous board door on the right side and the south side is opened.
There are double wooden fittings, and the outside is a glass sash window.
The kitchen in the foreground is an order made by designing and manufacturing. The top plate is made of tile and the face material is made of solid wood.


You can see the living-dining room across the courtyard.


There is a reading room next to the bedroom.
The south side (right side) facing the courtyard is a small window, and the north side (left side) facing the wooded area is a large window.
From the small window, you can see the Kousa dogwood in the courtyard, and from the large window, you can see the forest of miscellaneous trees.
By suppressing the direct light from the south and taking in the stable light from the north, we have created a comfortable reading space.


Exterior night view



The site is in a quiet environment facing a wooded area. Taking advantage of the view from the building, you can enjoy the scenery from the bedroom / reading room.
The living room has a book display shelf, other library, and a reading room, and we are planning a space for books and reading.
Intended for a simple and simple space. The wood used is solid, and I expect that it will change beautifully over time. 

・ Location: Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture

・ Use: Housing

・ Design, Supervision period: November 2003-November 2004

・ Scale, structure:
① Total area: 96.71㎡
② Wooden two-story building 

photo : Junichi Tamamori

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