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court house in Kobe

West exterior: In consideration of the surrounding environment, the gable roofs of the south and north buildings are designed to be connected.


It is an environment where the countryside spreads around and there are few things that obstruct the view. A courtyard to ensure privacy is set up between the two buildings.


Entrance: You can see the courtyard from the ground window.


Crossing corridor: The south wing is connected to the north wing by a crossing corridor.


Courtyard: There is a deck courtyard between the south and north buildings, which leads to the living room.


Living room: The courtyard is on the right, and the dining room is connected to the back.


Living atrium: The wooden vertical lattice of the living atrium emphasizes the connection between the upper and lower floors.


Living atrium


Stairs: There is a staircase between the living room and the dining room. Each space is divided while being connected by a wooden vertical lattice.


Bathroom washbasin ... Tempered glass top plate and waist wall.


Study: A private space attached to the bedroom.


Night view of the courtyard



The site is located in the urbanization control area in the suburbs of Kobe.
A series of small mountains can be seen nearby, and it is located in a corner of an ancient village.
At the beginning of the design, there was a request from the client that "the houses in the village would not be greatly destroyed." In addition, the countryside spreads around the area, and there are few things that obstruct the view, so it was hoped that privacy from the neighborhood would be ensured.
The exterior consists of two buildings arranged in parallel, and a corridor and a courtyard are connected between them. The height of the south wing is reduced to a one-story building, and sunlight is brought to the first floor of the north wing. For the courtyard, we planned a calm exterior space by cutting the line of sight with an exposed wall from the road and a wooden lattice. The building has two courtyards. The courtyard opened in the living room, the kitchen, and the courtyard connected to the water area each give the interior space a visual and functional expanse.

・ Location: Kita-ku, Kobe

・ Use: Housing

・ Design, Supervision period: May 2007-September 2008

・ Scale, structure:
① Total area: 140.12㎡
② Wooden two-story

photo : Junichi Tamamori

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