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house in Kato

Exterior on the north side: You cannot see the inside from the road side.


Southeastern exterior: Consists of two tubular buildings.


Entrance and stairs ... When you enter the entrance, you can see the south light through the skeleton stairs.

玄関 ,焼き杉板,眺望,シンプル,モダン,家,住宅,注文住宅,デザイン,ミニマル,家,建築家,設計事務所,兵庫県,加東市

View to the south ... Living is a long cylindrical space. One end of the tube opens to the view to the south.


Looking at the LDK from the deck ... There is a continuous deck in the living room, and the space expands. There is a courtyard in the back of the kitchen, and the space is hollow out in a cylindrical shape.


At the back of the kitchen you can see the courtyard surrounded by concrete walls.


Stairs and atrium ... At the height of the second floor, there is a different view from the living room.


Livingnight view



The site is located in a land with a good view. From the beginning, it was a strong request of the residents to take advantage of the view. A two-cylinder house consists of a tall cylinder and a short cylinder. Both are open in the direction you want the view. In the first cylinder, you can see the vertically long slit-shaped scenery beyond the space of the corridor that has two layers from the entrance. You will reach the second tube through this corridor. There is a cylindrical space that spreads vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, and the view spreads from the large opening in the south.

・ Location: Kato City

・ Use: Housing

・ Design, Supervision period: February 2010-May 2011

・ Scale, structure:
① Total area: 105.44㎡
②Two-story wooden structure

photo : Junichi Tamamori

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