house in Kamiono

The appearance is the shape of a simple gable.

The floor is mortar, the wall is lauan, the ceiling is wood cement board. The entrance is a space with a strong texture.

The stairs are like going up the gap of the box.

Two boxes are arranged in one room of the gabled. The living room is the space created in that gap.
There is an open space, a closed space and it makes the house feel a change.

The floor is Oak's herringbone.
The dining table was designed with top plate: oak, leg part: black iron leather.

Kitchen is custom made with stainless steel top and concrete wall.

Stairs ... The floor board is taken out from the wall.


Space spreads beyond the gap between the box and the box.

It is a ceiling shape adapted to the roof shape of the gable.
While partitioning each room on the second floor, the partition wall opened the upper part and designed to feel the unity and spread of the house.

looking down on the living room

There is also a window on the wall of the room, which makes the interior feel the depth of the space.

The pendant lighting hangs from the pipe of iron skin iron taken out from the wall.

Japanese style room ... When closing the sliding door, the material of the wall and the grain of the surface match.


facade night view


The site is surrounded by houses etc. Also, it was a difficult condition to secure a sufficiently large garden and distance from the neighbor. For this reason, the window is arranged so as to ensure privacy and to capture light and wind.

The facade is a simple shape of gable. The interior is one-room space. We have arranged two core boxes there. In the core, there are kitchen, bathroom, washbasin, bedroom, children's room and so on. Living and stairs are placed in the gap between the two cores to create a space with a change.



·  Location: Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture
· Use: housing
· Design, supervision period: October 2013 - August 2014
· Scale, structure:
① Total area: 103.53 m²
② Wooden 2 stories

photo:Eiji Tomita
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