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court house in Tatsuno

There is a courtyard surrounded by the center of the building.


There is a difference in height on the site, and the difference in height is eliminated by the building.


The approach is loose, with wide stairs leading to the entrance.


As soon as you enter the entrance, you can see the courtyard in front of you.


Walk around the courtyard with the entrance, living room, and corridors.


There is a large deck that faces the living room. The deck, living room, courtyard and space are continuous.


 An exposed concrete wall is set up in front of the site, and the height is set so that the neighboring house above it cannot be seen.


There is a ground window at the corner of the Japanese-style room. This is also a window where you can't see the next house.


Private rooms also connect to the courtyard via the corridor. The window facing the outside of the upper right is a high window. You can see the mountains in the distance without seeing the neighbors.


Wash basin


Night view of the courtyard ... Only the sky cut out in the courtyard can be seen.



The site is surrounded by houses in the east and southwest, and the north side is a road, so it is difficult to get a wide view in all directions. Also, to ensure privacy, it is difficult to open a large opening.

For the enclosed garden house, we set up a courtyard in the center of the house and proposed an external space where privacy is ensured and the line of sight from the neighboring house and the road does not reach. By making the opening to the courtyard as large as possible, it is possible to obtain the expanse of the interior space, the brightness, and the passage of the wind.

In addition, by building a fence on the adjacent land on the south side and keeping the opening from the living to the deck low, the opening is widened to the south and consideration is given to making it difficult to see the building on the adjacent land from the room.

・ Location: Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture

・ Use: Housing

・ Design, Supervision period: September 2009-July 2010

・ Scale, structure:
① Total area: 113.90㎡
② Wooden one-story building

photo :: Junichi Tamamori

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