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Miyamae house open house

■ Location1242-8 Miyamae-cho, Takasago-cho, Takasago-shi

Date and time December 8 (Sun), 10:00 to 17:00

■ Contact Junichiro Kawazoe Architects

tel: 090-5127-2387 (Kawazoe)

■ Concept

The site is located near Honmachi Street in Takasago City.

You can see the townhouses that still remain on Honmachi-dori. The frontage is narrow and flat,

There are rows of houses with roofs that descend towards the road.

House in Miyamae is a two-family house.

Instead of dividing the two households into two layers, divide them into two buildings, with a common entrance and

We have a building with a staircase hall. It is composed of three buildings that face the road.

I quoted the series of townhouses mentioned earlier for the composition. Three flat roofs are staggered and connected.

It is a house with an appearance that uses the format of a local townhouse, visually dividing and connecting households.

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